Super Flash - Liquid Chalk with Upsalite®


Our journey to a climbing chalk with Upsalite

In 2021 we where lucky to meet Disruptive Materials for a meeting of a potential collaboration to develop our very own scientifically engineered Liquid-Chalk that utilizes Upsalite. Upsalite stands as the world’s sole mesoporous* magnesium carbonate, capable of absorbing moisture at a rate ten times greater than conventional magnesium carbonate. This innovative material was developed by nanotechnology specialists in Uppsala, Sweden.

Seawaterbased Chalk

Super Flash Liquid Chalk incorporates magnesium carbonate derived from brine seawater, representing a significant environmental benefit.

I'm made of sugarcane.

Our tubes are made of an Bio-Based Plastic and recycable.

Rosin free

Rosin, also known as colophony, pof, and colophonia, amongst other names, is present in many liquid chalks commonly used for climbing, gymnastics and weight training. It was never a question that we decide against the use of rosin.