Upsalite- The impossible material possible

Upsalite is the worlds only mesoporous* magnesium carbonate that absorbs ten times more moisture than conventional magnesium carbonate. It was created in Uppsala, Sweden, by nanotechnology experts.

*Classification of porous materials according to their pore size: microporous: pores < 2 nm mesoporous: pore size between 2 and 50 nm macroporous: pores > 50 nm

1 gram of Upsalite has a surface area of 800 square meters.


The Secret is in the Pores:

Upsalite is truly a multifunctional ingredient. With a narrow pore size distribution, Upsalite® has a high surface area which enables superior absorption of lipophilic and hydrophillic substances (sebum and sweat) simultaneously. This porous structure gives Upsalite the ability to absorb more than other commonly used magnesium carbonate.


We have successfully developed a Liquid Chalk that is scientifically engineered to improve your grip by integrating Upsalite into our formula.