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100% boarhair, wood and logo bottle opener

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Each brush has 100% natural boarhair bristles

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Bottle Opener

On top of the brush is a metal logo bottle opener with an cheers branding lettering on top of the brush. That will remind you that you really earned your cold one after you cleaned all your holds carefully to leave the spot just like you found it.

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Ergonomic shaped

The brush handle is pure wood. Ergonomically shaped for the best fit.

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Cheers Brush


Beech wood boulderbrush with a huge patch of 100% boarhair bristles.  Surface of bristles is 8.5 cm x 2 cm. After you have cleaned all your holds at the end of your session you always have your build in bottle opner on the top of the brush with you. Metal Logo bottle opener which will last for ever. With a cheers lettering branding on top of the brush.

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