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Climbing Chalk


plastic free packging

The first complete 100% plastic free chalk packaging line. Premium dry rock climbing chalk which keeps your hands ultra dry and sticky. Made from pure Magnesium Carbonate.

Pre crunched. Just perfect for your hardest ascent.

Filled with some nice big chunks made from 100% pure Magnesium Carbonate in a sustainable packaging. ropeless chunky chalk is packaged in a biodegradable craft paper package and is sustainable compared to a lot of the usual plastic zipper packaging.



Finger Repair - swiss stone pine & rosemary

Contains moisturizing oils, marigold extract which has a calming effect to the skin, hemp oil and beeswax which protect the skin against dehydration!

Especially on climbing trips skin is a limiting factor. Taking care of her is inevitable.

Using cremes to make her heal faster is a well known and helpful technique. But obviously that works even better when big skin damage is already avoided through out the day. Key to obviate cuts/flappers is to keep the skin even and remove scraps of skin with sandpaper.

This is our pure cotton tape, for prevention and treatment of climbing injuries.

The finger tape comes in a tinplate tin to keep it clean from dirt and getting squeezes in your backpack.


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ropeless has its roots in a small group of boulder enthusiasts, which was formed in the late 90ties around a German superb sandstone bouldering area, the „Sued Pfalz“.  Everyone of these close friends is an expert in his trade. So we set out to create a brand we believe in, with products that reflect our commitment. That is how we can supply you the best quality in your personal ropelessgear.


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